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Printer Services Newsletter 3.0

Date Posted:10 November 2009 

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Printer Services Newsletter 3.0

What is copier paper?

Paper designed to be used in a photocopier or laser printer, which is able to pass through a fixing process which exceeds temperatures well above 100 degrees.  Hence this paper must contain low moisture content otherwise distortion, creasing or poor print may occur. Good quality copier paper will come in a wax sealing so as to limit the amount of moisture that the paper is exposed too. It is important when not using the paper for a while to keep it wrapped up in its packaging to help keep out moisture.

Recycled paper?

When recycled paper first came onto the market it was grainy, off white in colour and had a shorter life.  Recycled paper has come a long way since then.  Today recycled paper is just as usable as virgin paper and meets all of the requirements for day to day home and office use.  In fact, manufacturers even guarantee recycled paper across the full range of office functions.

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