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Christmas Closing Dates 2017/2018

Date Posted:24 November 2017 

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Printer Services Christmas Closing Dates

Australian Printer Services Pty Ltd would like to inform you we will be closing for 3 weeks over the festive session.  We also wish you all a safe and merry Xmas.


Closing at 1.00 pm Friday the 22nd December 2017

Re-open Monday the 15th of January 2018


Merry Xmas

Be Prepared.....

The couriers are already under pressure with more and more people buying online.  With the launch of Amazon in Australia we expect extra load on the courier service, so don’t get caught running out of consumables for your printer during this coming holiday period.  Please allow ample delivery time when stocking up on consumables for the break as the weeks in the lead up to Christmas can cause a problem as the couriers will be busier than usual.  This means that we may not be able to offer our normally prompt freight and your orders may take a little longer than usual.
Also don’t forget to log your service calls early to also stop any possible headaches in these final weeks. As with consumables any spare parts that may be needed will also take longer to arrive than usual.

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