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With the increasing reliance on technology, Australian Government Departments and Agencies seek efficient and reliable printing solutions to meet their diverse needs, including printing official documents, reports, forms, and promotional materials. 

These documents facilitate effective communication between Government Agencies and the public while adhering to strict security and confidentiality protocols. 

At Australian Printer Services, we offer professional servicing and repairs to ensure your office printer delivers high-quality brochures, pamphlets, and reports, essential for disseminating information, promoting Government programs, and engaging citizens. Book a service or repair online now, or contact us at 1300 138 066 for instant technical support. 

Regular printer servicing and repairs ensure smooth operations in Melbourne’s Government offices

Regular printer servicing is essential to prevent potential problems and extend the lifespan of printing equipment. Scheduled maintenance, including cleaning, calibration, and replacement of worn-out parts, helps prevent breakdowns and ensures consistent print quality. Plus, servicing provides an opportunity to identify and address emerging issues before they escalate into major problems.


Printer issues range from paper jams and print quality problems to hardware malfunctions and connectivity issues. Our team is equipped to diagnose and resolve these issues quickly via technical support over the phone or a call-out to your location. 

Other services include: 

  • Reliable Printers: Government offices often handle a high volume of printing tasks, from administrative documents to official reports. It is crucial to have reliable printing solutions that can consistently handle the workload and produce high-quality prints. We offer top-of-the-line printers and multifunction devices that can meet the demands of any Government office.
  • Cost-Effective Solutions: We understand the budget constraints faced by Government Agencies and provide options that maximise value for money. From affordable printer models to maintenance plans that reduce long-term costs, we’re dedicated to helping Government offices optimise their printing expenses.
  • Genuine Spare Parts: We stock genuine spare parts for a range of printer models, ensuring we can replace damaged components quickly and minimise downtime in your office.
  • Speedy Support: Printer issues can occur anytime and significantly impact office productivity. Choosing a Government printer service in Melbourne that offers quick response times and reliable support is crucial — so choose Australian Printer Services. 

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By choosing Australian Printer Services, Melbourne’s Government offices can benefit from reliable printing solutions, cost savings, and enhanced focus on core functions. Make the right choice for your office and experience the benefits of professional government printer services today.