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Vibrant colour and crisp detail. Find the best colour laser printers online.

Looking for a high performance colour printer?

You’ve come to the right place. At Australian Printer Services Pty Ltd, we’re committed to stocking the best colour laser printers online, so our customers can experience smooth and seamless printing, crisp detail, and vibrant colours.

We specialise in big brands like Fuji Xerox, FujiFilm and Kyocera - Australia’s favourite printing brands. Because of this, we also have a wide range of consumables and accessories for printer repairs and service. This means we’re not just a one-stop-shop for colour laser printers. We’re your go-to team of printer technicians and specialists in Melbourne.

Shop colour laser printers online today. We’re here to provide a complete shopping and printer service experience.

The benefits of a colour laser printer from Australian Printer Services Pty Ltd:

Colour printers are a popular choice for small businesses, students, and professionals alike. Colour printers are cost effective, fast acting, and the colour result is stunning to say the least.

Colour laser printers are:

- Ideal for small business offices and general printing. Think scrapbooking, school assignments and reports, meeting notes, hand-made greeting cards and booklets, and much more.

- Perfect for creatives and professionals who need to achieve high quality, clear and vibrant colour results.

- A top choice for mid-sized teams. Colour laser printers can match the speed of a monochrome laser printer, while having the added bonus of bright, eye catching colours. A must-have for professionals who need to present meetings and concepts in colour.

There are hundreds of uses for a colour laser printer - so shop online today!

A select range of only the best colour printers online! Shop now and we’ll ship your new printer directly to you.