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High performance document scanners for document scanning. Ideal for small business office use.

Looking for a compact document scanner for your office? A small, slimline paper scanner can be a lifesaver in hectic office environments where everyone needs to use the main printer or scanner at once.

Our range of paper scanners are ideal for rapid scanning, meaning your new paper scanner won’t take up too much space on your desk. Hide your scanner away in a cupboard, or slide your slimline document scanner in alongside your main printer - wherever your team needs it most.

Quick, simple, and convenient - a paper scanner is a must-have for your small business or commercial office. Shop our extensive range of document scanners from the big brand of Fujitsu/Ricoh.

The benefits of a paper and document scanner from Australian Printer Services

At Australian Printer Services, we’re committed to stocking the latest and greatest document scanners from Australia’s most trusted brands.

Most of our Fujitsu scanners can connect to your computer so you can scan and file documents in a matter of seconds. Plus, our paper scanners are able to connect to major operating systems like Windows, macOS, and Linux®, so your new scanner can seamlessly connect to your computer.

We have wireless scanners, one-touch scanners, battery-powered scanners for professionals on the go, and so much more. No matter your administration needs, we have document scanners and paper scanners to boost your overall productivity.

Shop premium document scanners online with Australian Printer Services. We are committed to making your every day work simpler and more efficient.

Buy a scanner online today! We’ll ship your new document scanner within a few business days.