A new Reflex paper is here

Reflex paper has returned to the Australian market

Thanks to the keen eye of one of our customers, we have discovered that a new range of Reflex paper is now available in Australia.

It looks like in late 2023 the Japanese parent company, Nippon Paper Group, sold the brand 'Reflex' to company Double A (1991) PLC. Headquartered in Thailand, Double A is a global paper supplier with significant market share in Europe, the Middle East and Australia.

The Reflex brand is now being manufactured by Tenma Paper Mills in Thailand, who also manufactures several other white paper brands. Reflex paper products continue to be FSC certified and acid free.

The new product gives a nod to the Australian history of Reflex, with the packaging stating "The Reflex brand was established in 1975 in Australia.”

At this stage, we are yet to test the product ourselves and cannot report on the quality of the new Reflex paper. We can assure you that being manufactured overseas means it will be a different quality to what was made in Australia.

The history of a household name

The Reflex story actually started in Tasmania in the 1970's, at a pulp and paper mill in Burnie, on the NW coast of Tasmania. It was there that Reflex was born and developed for the Australian market, with ongoing research into developing a product that reliably worked in photocopy machines. In later years, Amcor (which at the time owned the Maryvale mill) bought the Burnie mill and much of the production of Reflex paper was transferred to Maryvale. Although the bulk of the production had transferred to Maryvale, Burnie was still making Reflex right up until it closed in 2010. Reflex white paper continued to be manufactured at the Maryvale mill in Victoria, by Japanese owned company, Opal Australian Paper. In January 2023, the mill produced its last ream of Reflex, with Opal making the difficult decision to stop white paper manufacturing at the Maryvale mill.Reflex Paper Thailand