Are Compatible Toners Worth the Risk?

Thinking of trying compatible toner cartridges for your FUJIFILM, Fuji Xerox, or Kyocera laser printer?  While their lower price tag is tempting, be aware of the hidden risks before you make the switch..

Cheap for a Reason: Compatible toners are cheaper because they generally don't undergo the same rigorous testing as genuine toners and compromise on quality control. Compatible manufacturers keep costs down by using lower quality materials – from the toner itself to the cartridge chips. This can result in inconsistent print quality, frustrating printer errors, and even long-term damage to your printer.

Uneven Output: An improper mix of toner powder and developer (a carrier substance) can make your prints look patchy and unprofessional. It is common for the imaging components to fail due to the inferior quality of toner powder.

Faulty Chips and Potential Printer Damage: Compatible chips are often misread causing printer malfunctions and often fail to communicate the right information to the printer. In worst-case scenarios, they can even damage your printer's internal components and fail to be recognised rendering the toner useless.

Recycled Toner Powder and Uncertain Sources: Some of these toners use recycled toner powder, sourced from uncertain origins and may even contain potentially harmful substances. The lack of transparency in composition raises concerns about the sustainability and reliability of your prints.

Should You Take the Risk? While genuine toner is undoubtedly more expensive, some reputable compatible brands may be more reliable than others. Always research carefully and weigh up the potential savings against the risk of poor quality prints and potential damage to your beloved printer. The potential damage that can be caused is often more than the printer is worth. Ask yourself…are the savings outweighing the benefits of having a reliable printer?.

The Bottom Line: An extremely high percentage of our service calls are a result of substandard toner. We often see printers written off, as the cost of repairs outweighs the cost of new.  Not so bad on a $500 printer but it hurts to see a printer, only a few months old that cost $4,000 new, being written off.  With Australian Printer Services, the running cost can be reduced in many cases by checking with us to find out if your printer can be placed on one of our toner programs.