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    FUJIFILM Apeos and ApeosPrint C325 series win BLI Winter 2022 A4 Pick Awards from Keypoint Intelligence
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    Features & benefits of the FUJIFILM ApeosPrint C325dw

    • Fast printing: 31 ppm on A4 and 41 ppm on A5
    • Compact size W410 x D430 x H255mm
    • 2-line LCD display
    • Ethernet, USB & Wi-Fi supported

    Amazingly Compact Yet Reliable

    • Maximised reliability with less mechanical parts
    • Machine life up to 100,000 pages

    Superb Printing Quality

    • Caters to a wide range of printing needs from office to stores
    • Rich colour expression with LED printhead and IReCT*
    • EA-Eco toner for fine text and fine lines
    • Image enhancement technology reproduces smooth diagonal lines

    * Image Registration Control Technology

    Security for Important Information

    • Prevents information leakage with Secure Print
    • SMBv3 / TLS1.3 supported for secure communication
    • Connect to wireless LAN with WPA-Enterprise



    Truly Powerful

    • Compact design
    • Fast printing: 31 ppm on A4 size, 41 ppm on A5 size
    • High-yield toner cartridges
    • Security control by disabling Wi-Fi / NFC connection

    Seamless Connectivity

    • Seamless connectivity with mobile devices for Print jobs using the Print Utility* application
    • Mobile device can be used as an alternative UI for operations control to minimise common touch points
    • Frequent settings can be saved as "Favorites"

    * It can be downloaded free of charge from Google PlayTM or App Store.

    Manage Control

    • Easy installation and easy fleet management for retail stores & enterprise offices
    • Hassle-free for multiple manual settings. Setting cloning available for multiple-device installation

    Smart Scalable - see image 2

    1. Bypass Tray (50 sheets): Can feed various paper types such as envelopes and postcards
    2. Standard Tray (250 sheets): Supports various types & sizes of paper
    3. Optional Tray (250 sheets): Maximum 550 sheets paper capacity. Scalable for high-volume printing needs
    4. Built-in NFC: Start Print Utility application and place your mobile device over the NFC tag to print
    5. Wi-Fi Direct: Offers built-in wireless printing function


    FUJIFILM Business Innovation Asia Pacific Wins BLI Winter 2022 A4 Pick Awards from Keypoint Intelligence

    Apeos and ApeosPrint C325 series printers win with compact design delivering high print performance and reliability for small workgroups.

    SYDNEY, February 11, 2022 - FUJIFILM Business Innovation Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd. was awarded the Buyers Lab (BLI) Winter 2022 A4 Pick Awards from Keypoint Intelligence for Outstanding Colour Multifunction Printer (MFP)/Printer for Small Workgroups with the Apeos C325 series and ApeosPrint C325 dw.

    As the leading independent global document imaging product test laboratory, Keypoint Intelligence conducts tests on hundreds of new machines in various categories each year. The Apeos C325 series and ApeosPrint C325 dw MFP/printer emerged as winners for their impressive image print quality and steadfast functions which positioned to be the leading solution for small workgroups.

    According to Keypoint Intelligence, the Apeos C325 series has proven to be a reliable multifunction printer with robust printing capability. During the 62,000-impression durability test, there were no misfeeds and no service required. The judges were impressed with the overall user experience that the new designs create. The capacitive touchscreen built into the control panel of Apeos C325 series provides ease of use which is similar to a smartphone.


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