• Description


    Evolved entry model suitable for quick scanning

    The fi-7030 adds efficiency to user workflows with reliable scanning and enhanced image processing functionalities. Built on globally trusted technologies, the device scans A4 portraits at 27 ppm/54 ipm and is capable of scanning up to as many as 4,000 sheets a day.

    • Capable of scanning various documents including plastic cards
    • Brake roller separation and Skew Reducer to ensure stable feeding
    • Compactly designed to fit limited space
    • Compatible with major operating systems, Windows, macOS and Linux®
    • Quick startup times of half a second
    • Comes with PaperStream IP and PaperStream Capture providing advanced image processing functions
    • PaperStream Capture Pro available as an option


    Assisting safe and reliable scanning    

    Various document handling for all scanning needs

    • The fi-7030 handles a variety of business documents so that users can get all scanning work done with a single scanner. Documents of various sizes and thicknesses including plastic and embossed cards can be placed on the chute and scanned altogether at a time. The scanner is also capable of scanning documents larger than A4 using the optional Carrier Sheets, and even documents with lengths exceeding 5 meters.

    Comfortable scanning with reliable feeding functions

    • With brake rollers functioning as the fundamental mechanism to separate each sheet of paper for clean feeding, the scanner's high quality technologies provide reliable paper feeding. The Skew Reducer also helps improve feeding performance and prevents re-scanning that can result from document edges getting cut off.

    Boosted usability with a compact and user-friendly design    

    Perfect fit for any environment

    • The scanner's compact design makes it suitable for placement on small desks such as reception desks or service counters, requiring minimum space so that users can enjoy using free space as needed for their own work. With the driver software compatibility with all major operating systems, Windows, macOS and Linux®, users can use the scanner in various environments and situations, regardless of the operating system in use.

    Quick Startup Times

    • No more waiting with quick startup times of half a second and recovery times of a mere second when resuming from sleep mode. These functionalities help users boost their work efficiency, allowing them to focus on what matters to them without wasting time.

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