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Printer Services Newsletter 2.8

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  Date Posted: 2 September 2020

Date Posted:28 April 2009 

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Printer Services Newsletter 2.8

Things to know about laser printers

Q - What is the difference between single pass and multi pass colour?
A - A multi pass colour printer takes four cycles to place each of the colours onto the transfer drum and then finally onto the page.   This is a slower and older technology than a single pass colour printer which prints each colour straight onto the page in one single pass.
Q - What is a toner cartridge refill? 
A - A refilled cartridge has only the toner replaced and reuses the old components of the cartridge.  This can lead to reduced image quality and    cartridge related issues.
Q - What is a remanufactured toner cartridge?
A - A remanufactured toner cartridge has some if not all the worn components replaced. The amount of replaced parts can depend on the company rebuilding the cartridge.
Q - What is a compatibles toner cartridge?
A - A compatible toner cartridge is a new cartridge that is made by a third party not the genuine manufacturer.  It may or may not use genuine internal components depending on the company.
Q - What is a genuine remanufactured toner cartridge?
A - A genuine remanufactured toner cartridge is a cartridge that is rebuilt with genuine parts to the manufacturer’s specifications by the manufacturer.  In most instances this is as good as new and is highly recommended by Australian Printer Services Pty Ltd.
Q - Why use new genuine or remanufactured genuine toner cartridges over the others?
A - More often than not these cartridges will outlast the non genuine cartridges as well can extend the printers life.  Third party toners are built to a budget which may mean components are reused leading to image quality problems as well as reduced life span of the printer or cartridge.
Q - How can I tell if it is a genuine toner cartridge?
A - The genuine product will have the manufacturers’ logo and trade mark on the box. Non genuine cartridges are generally in a plain looking box and can have the words, “ for use in, compatible with.”
Q - What to watch out for when buying extended warranty?
A - Be aware that extended warranties from some retail outlets are insurance policies - not extended manufacturer’s warranty.  If you intend to purchase extended warranty for your printer then ensure that you receive a certificate from the manufacturer with the product serial number and the term of the contract.  An invoice stating that you purchased extended warranty is not always sufficient proof of purchase for the manufacturers extended warranty.