Multi function Printers VS Dedicated Fax Machines and Scanners

Printer Services Newsletter 3.1

Multi function Printers VS Dedicated Fax Machines and Scanners

Multi function printers (MFPs) can be a great solution for the office of any size. As the name suggests, they offer more than one function which means a large space saving; as well as being generally reliable and well priced.

Verses Dedicated Fax Machine

A MFP generally can be a less expensive alternative to the purchasing and the running of a dedicated fax machine.  However a MFP may not have all of the advanced features that a dedicated fax may have. The MPF fax features can be compromised to help keep the purchase price of the MFP down.   So if faxes are essential to the running of your business then using a dedicated fax machine may be the better option.
In most cases the MFP will do the job as e-mails are the major form of document transfer these days.

Verses Desktop Scanners

The scanning features and image quality in MFP’s are generally fairly basic and the scanning options can include scan to PC via network or USB, e-mail or USB key.  The advantages of having a dedicated scanner are generally the inclusion of more advanced document management for your PC, better quality scanning and searchable PDF format (ie can search for a particular word within a PDF document).  Dedicated scanners can also scan double sided pages and have sensors that detect pages sticking together when going through the scanner.  If your office does a lot of scanning and you require your documentation to be managed then a dedicated scanner could be a more efficient option for you, especially if your intention is to have a paperless office!  However dedicated scanners can be expensive to purchase compared to a MFP.

In Conclusion

So to finalize, a MPF is a great all round solution for the office with low fax and scanning requirements.  As with purchasing any printing product knowing what you need the machine to do is very important. A clear understanding will enable you to select the correct machine for you.