Paper Curl

Printer Services Newsletter 3.5

Paper Curl - Why do I find my printing on the floor?

No doubt you’ve all seen it, freshly printed documents on your laser printer that have rolled themselves up and fallen to the floor.  Paper curl is one of the most common problems with laser printing and can lead to jamming.  The main reason for this curl is high moisture content which when the paper passes through the heater unit, the moisture is rapidly removed.  This can cause the paper to lose its shape causing the paper to curl and even crease.  For example, wet mail from the letterbox will curl and warp when dried in front of a heat source.

Summer humidity or winter storms as well as the use of evaporative air conditioning will all naturally increase the moisture content in the air which will be absorbed into paper. The longer the paper is exposed to these environments the higher the moisture content.  The result is “wet” paper and this paper will have a greater chance of crease or curl occurring once it is printed on. 

The best way to counteract these effects is to keep paper in its wax packaging as much as possible.  This packaging is specifically designed to reduce the papers ability to absorb moisture and thus reduce the effect of paper curl.  It is recommended that paper be stored in a stable environmental temperature, off the ground, as too again reduce the absorption of moisture.

Staff Picks - Printers for 2012

Looking to upgrade or replace that old machine that doesn’t quite make the grade anymore?  With the rise of internet shopping in Australia, the ever increasing amount of web sites selling Print and IT products, today’s consumer has more information than ever before.

The downside to this wealth of information can be summed up in one question - what’s the best option for me?  This is where we can help guide you through the minefield, finding the best solution for your printing needs as well as solve any after sales issues that may occur.  With this in mind, here is a quick overview of a couple of brands that our technicians like:

Samsung Colour Laser
Their range of colour laser printers and multifunction units are able to produce good business colour and have a low purchase price as well as a low cost per page.  This is a good option for offices with moderate volume printing where presentation colour quality is not required.  The range of printers has become very reliable with spare parts that are inexpensive to replace when needed.

Fuji Xerox Solid Ink
Not only are their range of printers able to produce presentation level colour quality, they have a very low running cost and the inks are environmentally friendly.  Solid ink printers are designed for high volume printing which allows for an inexpensive cost per page.  These printers can also be purchased with a Page Pack option.

This is just the tip of the information iceberg when it comes to working out a solution to your printing needs. With 25 years of experience in the industry and a clear understanding of changing business needs, Australian Printer Services is able to offer the services needed to find the solution.