Help, My Printer won't print!

Printer Services Newsletter 5.3

Help, My Printer won't print!

We'd like to take it back to basics for this newsletter and give you a simple set of questions that can help you out when your printer stops printing.

  • 1. Is the printer plugged in? It may seem silly but it does happen. It's also worth testing with a different power cable and socket if possible.
  • 2. Is the printer online? If the printer isn't online it will not print, check that the USB or network cable is connected. You may need to restart your computer as well.
  • 3. Does it have paper? Be sure the paper is installed correctly, and there is enough for your print job. Most printers will detect when they are out of paper. Printer drivers can also send print jobs to different trays or with a different paper size depending on the template used which will give an out of paper error too.
  • 4. Is there a paper jam? A Paper jam will stop a print job in mid-stride. Your printer should always show how to clear a paper jam in the manual. Be gentle while clearing a paper jam as there are many parts that can be damaged inside by being rough or using metal instruments like tweezers.