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Doug Barnard and his team at Australian Printer Services would have to be the most professional and the best Printer service company we have dealt with in our 17 years of business. These guys know their stuff. If they don't, they won't pretend to know and waste your time and money they will tell you straight and fix the problem. We had a problem with our beloved 5 year old A3 colour laser printer. We were kind of married to the machine after spending thousands on purchasing it then a small fortune on toner and maintenance.
We called Doug and his team in after we found our beloved was losing its life. They came quickly assessed the problem and recommended a solution. The recommendation was accepted by us and Doug and his team quickly went about fixing it. Unfortunately for all of us that wasn't the end of the story. The recommended solution didn't end up fixing the problem and we were back to square one.
We were now really worried that we had spent all this money trying to service a machine that possibly was unserviceable. We had also experienced a similar situation with another company and they ended up washing their hands of it. When we rang Doug and his team and told them it still wasn't working we didn't get the usual "well we can't do any more." Instead Doug and his team went out of their way to get to the bottom of the problem. They did this at their cost not ours. The solution they provided us at the end was amazing. They got us a new printer at an amazing price, and they didn't charge us for the work they did on trying to fix it the first time.

We trust Doug and his team and will not use anyone else ever again. I strongly recommend them to you.

Jeremy Hope
Managing Director
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